Quarantine Blues


Most people don’t know this but years ago, a lifetime or two
ago, I was a cosmetologist. I graduated from beauty school and found out I was
pregnant with my first child in the same week. I was good, too. I got a job at
one of the area’s top salons right after I got my license but for whatever
reason, I turned it down. I just remember being painfully aware that I will
never be alone again, that I will never be able to lay around all day reading
books or enjoy the silence of a perfect spring day. So, that is how I spent my
days and I am proud that I did that.

Fast forward about eighteen years and I can’t remember the
last time I finished a book, my days are filled running a household of five and
I’m unemployed thanks to the coronavirus. I’ve worked in healthcare for the
last fourteen years. Six hundred employees of our rural hospital have been
furloughed bracing for the overwhelming pandemic they said would flood our hospital.
We have stayed at about a 45% census through all of this.

My calendar has literally went from a colorful jumble of madness
to nothing, a blank calendar. Unfortunately, I have plenty to do with
homeschooling and cleaning up after five people who are home 24/7. NOT MY IDEA
OF A GOOD TIME. So, in an attempt to amuse myself or to rebel against the fact
that I can’t go to work anyway, I colored my hair blue.

I’ve had hair every color under the sun but that was when I
was younger and I’m almost forty now. I get some looks but I don’t care, it kept
me busy for three days. I bleached my hair twice then colored and it did not
turn out well. I don’t think I left it on long enough.


So, I went to the store to get another box. Guess what?
Everyone in town had the same idea I did because I went to five different
stores and there was NONE. Luckily, I found one box of a darker blue and it
worked out beautifully. Maybe I just wanted to have control over something.
Maybe I’m losing it a little. Whatever the reason, I’m trying to have a little
fun in the new reality that has been imposed upon me and I hope you will try to
do the same.


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Published by Jessica Lasa

Hello! I am a wife, mom and writer. I write about things that I love and want to share with the world. My mission is to inspire beauty, creativity and growth.

8 thoughts on “Quarantine Blues

  1. Hi Jessica! Loving that dark blue on you. I’ve been trying to get courage to grow my gray hair out during this isolation period but keep losing my courage! Any tips?

    1. Growing out your hair color is ALWAYS going to be a challenge! Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do it. Now that your salon is open, you could get some highlights to help soften that line as it grows out. Thanks for commenting!!!

  2. Back when I had hair and when I had dreads, I tried a few different colours, but my favourite combination was a mix of red and black dyed dreads

    1. That sounds badass! I have a box of red and one of purple. Can’t decide which to do! Thanks for reading. 🥰

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