Braids Are Fresh For Spring

It’s been windy and rainy, making it hard to justify spending a ton of time on my hair. I’ve found myself going back to a classic hairstyle that dates back centuries. Braids are such a great hairstyle that can be versatile and functional. No matter what you’re doing; cleaning house, hanging at the beach, eating with friends and family, it’s nice to have your hair out of your face and, of course, stylish is preferable over the alternative, which is to throw it up in a pony.

Yesterday, I was really feeling the Hilary-Swank-in-Million-Dollar-Baby vibe. Badass fighter in twin French braids, sports bra and sweats. I was ready for anything and my hair looked adorable. I had no problem dusting, cleaning floors and catching a last minute appointment at the optometrist. That is the magical thing about braids, they can be formal for a wedding or playful for the gym. There is a braid style for every occasion.

I’m also fond of the renaissance/Viking inspired braids. Think Khaleesi, who had some serious braid game. This look is romantic and braids don’t require hot irons which I LOVE because I’m tired and so is my hair. Braids do not damage your hair and, in fact, are a great way to hide the haphazard color job you gave yourself in quarantine.

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We have box braids, fishtails, corn rows, french braids, dutch braids and rope braids. It’s okay if you don’t know how to french braid! Just braid a few sections and then braid them together, like I did today. You can make the braids different sizes and really be creative with a simple braid. It’s helpful to use some mousse or hair cream to smooth your hair before braiding. Then, hairspray generously to keep your braids tight and smooth and you’re good to go.

braid blog.jpgbraid blog.jpg

Don’t know how to make a simple braid? Click Here!!

Post a pic of your braid styles. Happy Hairstyling!!


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