Where Do Old Things Go to Die?


I am so excited to get out my Halloween and fall décor! Fall is my favorite season but every time I go into the garage I am barraged with these boxes everywhere. Boxes of stuff I don’t need. They are filling up with spiders that are surprisingly large for such a newly built house. The spiders are another issue altogether and I think I’ve decided to bleach them and destroy their webs, stepping on any that I can. For such an empathetic person, I know this might seem cruel but, trust me, I’ve gone over the morals multiple times in my head and they are poisonous and not endangered. They have to go.

Besides the fear I have of going through these boxes to find ginormous spiders crawling out at me at an alarming speed, I also don’t know what to do with any of this stuff.

I have several boxes of old books that I am okay with because I know eventually I will get book shelves for all of them when I have the money and don’t feel obligated to spend it on food and children. I also have several fairly large items that I can’t get rid of but have no use for.

My husband’s grandfather’s saddle is collecting dust at a depressing rate. It’s a nice saddle and I’m not sure how much it was used but I can’t imagine a saddle goes bad. Does it? Anyway, I would like to have a horse. If we save this one, I won’t have to buy a saddle. Note, we do currently live in the city where horses are not allowed.

I also have a bar light! My dad gave this to me. It is a replica of Rusty Wallace’s race car and was hanging over a pool table at a place my dad used to work. I don’t remember if it was stolen or what, irrelevant. My dad’s family were big into car racing and raced themselves, locally. Rusty Wallace was always my aunt’s favorite driver. My dad and my aunt are both dead now. I would love to use it someday. I could even hang it in the garage over a tool bench or something or get a pool table.

Then I have stuff that is just old and cool. I have an old radio that looks like a spaceman’s helmet that used to sit in my grandparent’s kitchen. I have a child’s wooden piano toy and an old wooden rocking horse. I have teapots and old glassware. I don’t know what to do with it. It doesn’t exactly go with my décor. Does that make me a snob or something? I don’t know but I don’t have the square footage to display it all properly.

I’ve pondered these things for probably a decade now and I have thrown a lot of stuff away and found a place in the house for a lot of stuff. Now I must go make room to shove one more thing in the garage and kill those spiders.

It’s a rabbit. I’m putting a rabbit in the garage because my allergies cannot tolerate the hay inside. Hmmm, I wonder if there’s room for a horse in there?



Please, tell me what you do with your old stuff. Comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Where Do Old Things Go to Die?

  1. In my old age i find I’m throwing away more things. Do my children really want my treasures from my digging days, pictures that they made in kindergarden or their report cards from grammar school. My forcus now seems to be about how much shit do i want her to clean when i die. Guess its like a used store, some peoples treasures are other peoples garbage. It’s hard to decide.

    1. Yes, I definitely don’t want to leave behind a shed of boxes to go through, like Aunt Janet. That was hard. I’m trying to make a scrapbook with the kids’ school stuff. Just trying to keep it to a minimum.

  2. I have a child that refuses to let me throw anything away as apparently they are memories. I am not fussed to keep anything that is broken or in no use and just cluttering up the home

    1. 🤣I just took three trash bags of broken toys from my daughter’s room. I’m of the same mind frame: If I don’t use it, I don’t want it. Thanks so much for reading. 💖

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