Poetry: Untitled


As the leaves from spring trees tire

and flutter to the ground,

somewhere waves are crashing

and wind whispers all around.

The thoughts that drift inside her mind

were never quite as clear

as the day when every single thought

lingered somewhere near.

Everything was going great and

nothing could go wrong.

It was the day she was longing for

and needed for so long.

Until the moment she realized

a thought she knew was real.

The thought that no one ever cared

or knew how she could feel.

The day that was so perfect,

she couldn’t cry a tear

turned out to be the day she knew

the end is getting near.

Has it been this way forever?

Has no one ever cared?

Was it all just a waste of time,

the thoughts that she had shared?

She thought of all those people

who made something seem alright.

But, where were all her so-called friends

when she needed them tonight?

If no one cared how she felt,

not one single friend,

maybe someone would care a bit

if she made her whole life end.

She sat and thought about it

for a moment and no more

and just a moment later

she was lying on the floor.

So, as the sky darkens again

and clouds return to gray,

somewhere someone was crying

but their tears now fade away.


I wrote this poem in 1993. I was thirteen. I didn’t know anyone else could feel like this.

Twenty years later, and completely unintentionally, I found myself working in the pediatric unit of a hospital where I cared for dozens of suicidal children. That was both a painful and powerful experience.

Depression and anxiety are real. If you know anyone who is suffering, speak up.

NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE: 1-800-273-8255.                    


Therapy is healthy and it’s okay to talk about mental health!


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