Poetry- First Love

Photo courtesy of UnsplashPhoto courtesy of Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Unsplash


The tears how they burn, my head how it aches.

The more that I cry, the more my heart breaks.

The memories linger, the pain as it deepens.

The more that I climb, the more this hill steepens.

My mind that is full, my emotions confused.

I’ve tried to forget but my heart has refused.

My soul has grown empty, desperately alone

as I look out the windows and wait by the phone.

My heart still believes what my mind denies.

I want to believe that my reasons tell lies.

No cares are more weak then my everyday needs.

I cannot go on as my broken heart bleeds

Like a stake or a knife driven into my chest,

the scar will remain and my pain never rests.

Each day is a new, each night a new end.

To save my own life, I’ll never love again.

©1996 Jessica Lasa

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