Poetry: Transcendental

Transcendental - Over seas and rivers foaming waves drenchedin sunshine heat.Cutting currents windingthrough the land, unstoppable.The Pacific, Salmon, Indian,Margaret River and the Truckee.I’ve loved you.Mountains of pine forests,snowcapped summits,the afternoon sunbeamsshooting through the treesas we drive.The Columbias, the Rockies,Sierras and the Swan.Overcome together.The time, it swirls five hundred livesand each of me needs you.J. Lasa, 2020


Over seas and rivers

foaming waves drenched

in sunshine heat.

Cutting currents winding

through the land, unstoppable.

The Pacific, Salmon, Indian,

Margaret River and the Truckee.

I’ve loved you.

Mountains of pine forests,

snowcapped summits,

the afternoon sunbeams

shooting through the trees

as we drive.

The Columbias, the Rockies,

Sierras and the Swan.

Overcome together.

The time, it swirls five hundred lives

and each of me needs you.

J. Lasa, 2020


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