Microgreens From LaSalle Family Farm

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Happy New Year, again! I don’t know about you but I am excited to see what the new year brings. I have a lot planned because I just recently started my website and it’s exciting to dive into a new business.

This month, I want to highlight some people who also started new businesses in 2020.

It’s that time of year again, when I commit to eating more healthy food after consuming inhumane amounts of sugar over the holidays. More fresh fruits and vegetables are key to getting the vitamins, minerals and fiber that our body needs to thrive. LaSalle Family Farm was started last August by Seth and Meredith Anglin to produce fresh microgreens to put on the table.



20080.jpegI met Seth and his beautiful family years ago when we were coworkers at the hospital. Seth was previously a pediatric intensive care nurse and, like many of us, this last year really put their values into perspective. Because of layoffs due to COVID lockdown and safety concerns, Seth decided to step away from his nursing career. He is extremely grateful that he and his wife are working the land and able to be together raising their three young children every day.

So, what are microgreens, why do I need them and how do I eat them? I gave my friend Seth a call and he was happy to tell me everything he knows about how these tiny plants have big time benefits. Microgreens are just young vegetables and, because they are younger and actively growing, they contain concentrated amounts of nutrients. Kale microgreens can contain up to four times the nutrients in adult kale leaves! These little plants are also packed with flavor, sure to spice up any dish you’re serving!

Kale Micros- rich and crisp kale flavor

Arugula Micros- crunchy and aromatic

Radish Micros- spicy flavor

Sunflower Micros- crunchy stalk, nutty flavor

Pea Micros- sweet, dry pea flavor

I was so excited to learn all the amazing ways to eat these little superfoods. You can literally put them on top of everything! For added flavor and crunch you can add microgreens to salads and sandwiches. You can add them to smoothies to give the nutrient content a boost and, my personal favorite, top your favorite pizza with some microgreens bursting with flavor. Microgreens are also a beautiful and flavorful garnish to any main dish.

LaSalle Family Farm

Seth and Meredith moved to Montana in 2017 and bought a great piece of property. They always had dreams of building some type of business on their homestead and had been gradually working with goats and chickens before they decided to try their hand at farming. The size of their outbuildings are impressive and one large greenhouse can be built in about three weeks. These giant buildings are actually on tracks, so that they can slide the building to a new plot of land to rotate the soil. There is a lot of work that goes into tending that soil and Seth and Meredith had no previous farming experience. Seth says, they have been learning the whole way and it sounds like he has definitely done his homework. The pH level and base elements of the soil have to be regularly tested and soil samples had to be sent off for inspection. They actually started in their basement! Seth tells me that anyone can grow their own microgreens with 18-hours of full-spectrum UV, low watt LED lights. Your seeds will germinate within five days and you can harvest your microgreens in 12-21 days.






20078.jpegLaSalle Family Farm grows a variety of microgreens at different intervals. Check out their ordering site to see what they have available: www.localline.ca/lasallefamilyfarm . You can order your microgreens and pick them up at the farm or have them delivered. You can also purchase LaSalle Family Farm’s microgreens at SunDrop Health Food Store in Columbia Falls. If you’re not local, find some microgreens near you!

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