This week I’m so excited to tell you about another of my fabulous friends who decided to try something new in 2020. Last year was unpredictable to say the least and a lot of times we couldn’t even go to work because of lockdowns across the globe.

Lindsey Brogan, founder of the website, found herself in lockdown, at home without much to do. Lindsey is an avid reader and says she has always enjoyed reading blogs for product reviews and especially book recommendations. In lockdown during the pandemic, she decided to write as a hobby and the idea struck that she may as well share it with the world on the internet! I’m so glad she did because Lindsey has loads of informative content and beautiful photos. It’s just a bonus that she shares her adorable kitties with us!








Lilly has been very successful as a new blog with over 1,200 followers on WordPress alone. Lindsey is truly shocked at how many readers she has and she told me she has learned so much. Her favorite thing to write about is books because of her passion for reading but her most read blog posts are about her personal experiences. Normally, Lindsey says, she is a pretty private person who keeps to herself, so opening up about her own struggles has been a new experience. Learning to market and design the website took time but she has truly enjoyed the journey. Lindsey looks forward to improving her writing style and photography skills. Check out all of Lindsey’s amazing book reviews!

Despite Lindsey’s success at blogging, she states it is just a hobby. Lindsey still works a day job at a construction company and volunteers for Yorkshire Ambulance Service Community First Responders in her free time. I’m not sure how she has time!


I love perusing for a new book to read, lovely travel pictures or ideas for a new beauty product. However, like her other readers, my favorite posts are about Lindsey. She wrote a lovely, heartfelt post to her father who passed away ten years ago and she recently decided to quit drinking in the middle of the most stressful year ever.

An overall admirable woman, Lindsey’s is worth your time. This lady is talented, compassionate, supportive and she has great taste! That reminds me of another great post where she has some adorable gift ideas! I strongly encourage you to bookmark the website or subscribe, you won’t be sorry! You can also follow on Twitter and Instagram!

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