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I got into poetry when I was small. As soon as I could read, I was checking out all the books mom had in the bookcase. She had a handful of poetry books and I read them all but I found my true happiness in creating them. I wrote gobs of poetry in my youth. Most of it about my friends because that is what I held dearest at the time. Then, eventually about love and loneliness; about depression and addiction. And then I just stopped. There came a day when I thought the real world had no time for creativity. I tried to write poetry but there was nothing whimsical or artful about responsibility. Everything became very heavy and I stopped writing poetry.

Finally, my failure to get accepted into nursing school and the pandemic and probably other things I’m unaware of created a perfect combination of stepping stones that led me to the realization that I could, and perhaps should, provide by creating. When I first started my website I was going to do a post called Is Poetry Dead? but then, in researching the topic, I found that it is very much alive and well. I couldn’t wait to contribute and read other people’s work.

In this post, I will review three poetry books I’ve purchased from the writing community and share with you my favorite pieces. Poetry is an artform and, rhyming or not, it evokes emotions much like music. Whether it’s a nursery rhyme, a limerick or a rap song, we’ve all heard poetry at some point in time. Poetry can be perceived by each one of us differently much like with music or books. My taste in poetry may not match up with yours. Each of these three poetry books are very different in terms of theme but all talented poets. I hope you find something that you enjoy!


by Laura Schmidt

What Is This? The founder of one of my favorite websites, Voyage of the Mind, recently published her book, Metamorphosis. This is an intriguing collection of short stories and poems including themes of family, grief and loss. Laura is not really a rhyming poet but more of a well structured, rhythmic placement of words.

What Do I Love? “Like a Flame” is my favorite poem. It illustrates raw emotions and a confusing pain after losing a child. “I Found Solace in Birdsong” is another beautiful poem. This collection includes a handful of post pandemic pieces, revealing her struggles with isolation and depression.

Following the strong family theme, my favorite short story is “The Lion Boys” retracing the journey of a family going through a child’s gender reassignment. Laura is a talented and insightful writer who is consistent with great work. There are a ton of fantastic articles on her website, Voyage of the Mind, and I would encourage everyone to check that out, as well.

Why Do I Love It? Laura does a beautiful job depicting some really hard emotions. Her writing is so intelligent and I love all the elements she uses in her storytelling. If you are a fan of literary depth, I think you will be pleased with these beautiful poems and stories.

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Where Darkness Meets Light
by Sabrine Elouali
What Is This? This book is a collection of poetry meant to shed light on the journey through mental illness. This collection contains so many poems, more content than I was expecting. It’s a great collection to read ten or so and then come back another day for more. Sabrine’s poetry is beautiful and pure. I love how honest it is and I can relate to many of the struggles she writes about. I can really relate to always questioning my own decisions and wondering what might have been.

What Do I Love? “OCD and me.” is an absolute raw and emotional piece depicting what it’s like to suffer from OCD. The emotions are so well represented, I felt absolutely trapped, as someone with OCD must feel. There are many short poems that I love like, “Blame.”, “Paper.” and the hopeful “Rose Tinted.” “Prevention.” is one of my favorites because it’s all the things I’ve had to tell myself over and over just to function day to day.

Why Do I Love It? I love it because it comes from a pure place. It’s beautifully written but the fact that she shared it to help others really gets me in the heart. Sinking and suffocation, doubt and self-sabotage are all issues I have struggled with, as well.  “A serial offender.” accurately describes the struggle within us and all the questioning. Sabrine sharing her poetry and reaching out to help others with their mental illness has definitely inspired me to share more of my own writing. If you have struggled with mental illness or just want to be inspired, Where Darkness Meets Light will not disappoint.



Fascinate (Twisted Poems for the Depraved)

by Simon Warwick Beresford

What Is This? This is one of four poetry books Simon has published and the first time I have read his work. I was drawn to this collection because of a review and the Amazon description of fantasy, erotic horror. Edgar Alan Poe is my favorite poet and I was excited to read something spooky, gruesome and graphic. Simon’s poetry usually rhymes, which I like.

There is mention of gods, witchcraft and haunting ghosts. All popular themes for poetry but also of sluts and rotting corpses, monsters of the material world and some that are only our minds. Rape and murder make appearances. Everything in moderation they say and there may have been a few pieces in this collection that grossed me out or disturbed me. However, I was overwhelmingly surprised at how well these poems flow and how creative Simon’s tales were descriptively woven.

What Do I Love? “Vibracea”, “Zidricdrake” and “Sister Maria Luisa” are some of my favorite story poems. “iCandy 2.0” could be a blockbuster in theatres about a robot with artificial intelligence that ends up killing her owner. I heard myself explained in “Paradox” and “Discarded” better than I could have done myself. I am deeply impressed with the female elements of his poetry. It is horror but there is depth, back story, emotion.

Why Do I Love It? I love Simon’s writing because it’s clever and imaginative. It’s Halloween every day of the year. His imagery really does evoke deep emotions in “Fragments” and “Childless?” but it’s the visuals that make it amazing. It’s like watching a horror movie and his lines are so good! Simon is an absolutely brilliant writer, in my opinion. I cannot wait to read every single one of his works. If you are a fan of horror, his work is a MUST!



These writers have definitely inspired me to share more of my own work. I’m considering publishing a poetry book but for now you can read some of my work here on my Poetry Page. I hope you enjoyed my poetry review. Tell me what kind of poetry you like in the comments!

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