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Here I am, back with my latest obsession. Just when I had vowed not to partner with any more companies for affiliate sales I stumbled upon a product I truly believe in. This week, I am so excited to introduce you to Monat.

We are modern nature -
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We are modern nature

Monat (maw-nayt) is short for Modern Nature. I came across Monat completely by accident just admiring the gorgeous insta-feed of @momitorial. She is a hairstylist and model in New York and has an adorable baby boy. Then I started noticing this brand popping up in her stories and she mentioned that she was a Market Partner for Monat. It was obvious she absolutely loved the products and it first appealed to me because it was described as “luxury vegan” hair and skin care. It certainly looked luxurious and I can now confirm, having used the products for three weeks now, hair looks and feels healthier using Monat.

Using scientifically-proven, naturally based, safe ingredients, Monat has cornered the hair and skin care market in every way. This innovative company has produced a highly effective product using clean ingredients and offers an amazing opportunity to work from home network marketing. This comes at a time when working remotely is more common than ever and consumers are no longer willing to use toxic chemicals on their bodies or environments. I think it’s time that all companies and factories have sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes as well as inclusive and supportive cultures.

why I use it

Just as important as what we put inside our bodies, is what we put on our hair, skin and nails because they are absorbed by our bodies or they build up.  After doing some research, I found that the most harmful ingredients in shampoo and conditioners are sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde and polyethylene glycol. These ingredients strip hair and skin of natural oils or build up on the surface blocking any nutrients from actually being absorbed. Many of these ingredients are also toxic to our environment when they are manufactured.

I could not be more excited to have found an amazing product that is safe to use, made in the USA, doesn’t hurt the environment or test on animals, gives me flawless skin and hair and makes me money. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

I just thought I was buying some shampoo! I actually received a community of business women meeting every night to help others spread the love. These women are so welcoming and share tips and even media to help you sell as much as you want to. The amount of resources is impressive on the Monat website. I could literally make a full time job out of watching all the material and marketing this product, if I wanted to. And that is the real beauty of this program, you get what you put into it. I am my own boss and I love that I can answer anyone’s questions about Monat and sign them up to start living healthier and making more money. My sponsor has helped me every step of the way and gives me tips and tricks on product use and marketing. I am so grateful for her and that is what I can do for you! Start living a healthier lifestyle using naturally based beauty products.

“I thought i was just buying some shampoo!” -

“I thought i was just buying some shampoo!”

how i use it

Monat’s Rejuviniqe oil is their #1 product. A luxurious blend of 13+ natural plant essential oils and antioxidants, Rejuveniqe is highly compatible with hair and skin. This amazing oil can be used as a finishing oil, a few drops on dry hair to add instant sleek and shine. I also use it as a weekly scalp treatment, a few drops around the scalp massaged and left on for 30 minutes. I started putting it on my face and lips yesterday and already see more even skin tone and glowing skin. There are claims that it reduces stretch marks and scars, so I have started applying it to my belly and I will let you know! I mix it in with my lotion and basically slathered myself in it after a shower. It smells so good!!


I’ve also been using the Renew Shampoo and Restore Leave-in conditioner. I have not been disappointed! I’m washing my hair every 3-4 days and it feels amazing! I also recieved the blow out cream, Rejuvabeads and dry shampoo. I’ve used these with great results. To see more details you can visit my Instagram reels or the Hair tab on my profile. Monat has an entire skin care and wellness line, as well. I cannot wait to try a skin care line and get some men’s products for my husband and sons.

how can you get involved?

HIT ME UP!!! Send me a direct message on any of my social media platforms or send me a message from this site. You should also jump on and take my Hair Quiz. Here is the link and it’s also on all my social media links. Take the Hair Quiz and I’ll send you personalized recommendations for Monat products perfect for your hair type. I’ll help you get a cart started and you’ll be on your way to healthier, more beautiful hair and skin.

There are 3 ways to join-


  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • Purchase+, meaning the more you spend the more you save!


  • Benefits of retail

  • FREE shipping on orders over $83

  • Customizable Flexship so you never run out

  • 15% off everything

  • Exclusive promotions

  • Only For You products FREE in every flexship order


  • Benefits of VIP

  • Earn 15-40% sales commissions

  • Personal and professional development

  • Ability to earn trips or a Cadillac

The Monat culture is one I immediately fell in love with: supportive, inclusive and ethical. I cannot express how inspired I am to live healthier, connect with others who share that goal and to help you make your dreams a reality. Just let me know you are interested and you can get started today!

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