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April 3rd, 2021 I received my first box of Monat products. I had done a lot of research and I had seen the results on hundreds of women. Honestly, it was a combination of so many things that led me to switch. These products are vegan, cruelty-free and made in the US. It’s clean, ethical and backed by science. I was drawn to the Monat culture which is centered around gratitude and helping others. But what really sealed the deal was the results. Every single Monat client that I came across had gorgeous before and after pictures. The superior thickness and shine when people use these products is undeniable. If you would like to read the original post, don’t mind the messed up format. I wrote it before converting to WordPress. Just CLICK HERE.

Six months later, I’m using exclusively Monat hair products and I’ve been using the skincare for the last four months. I can honestly say that my hair and skin are healthier and look better than EVER before. I don’t think that the anti-aging properties of these products are showcased enough. Modern Nature is comparable to other salon brands I’ve used, but Monat uses ZERO sulfates and ZERO parabens. And with the VIP membership you will pay less than those other professional brands.

The following is a list of the Monat products that I have personally used and an honest review of my results. In summary, I will list my top five favorite Monat products and information on how to order.

Hair Care

Monat Black –

This shampoo is a staple for a healthy scalp and improved growth and thickness. There is a tingling, menthol action that is amazing aromatherapy and leaves your scalp healthy and invigorated. It’s technically a shampoo and conditioner in one, but I always use a conditioner with it because my hair is long.

Oil Crème Shampoo and Conditioner-

This duo left my hair luxuriously smooth and soft. The hair is a little heavier but if I’m planning to air dry this shampoo and conditioner are perfect.

Leave-In Conditioner-

This was the first conditioner I tried. It does leave the hair soft and moisturized but it felt too heavy for me, maybe because I like to use a lot of styling products. I know women who put it on their hair religiously.

Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner-

So far, this is my favorite shampoo and conditioner. It truly leaves my hair silky smooth. It adequately cleanses the hair and scalp with a great lather and the conditioner leaves my tresses light and soft. I rotate this with Black.

Scalp Scrub-

I love the scalp scrub once a month! It smells amazing with apple cider vinegar and it leaves my scalp feeling like it can finally breathe again. It’s amazing.

Transformation Hair Mask-

This is my favorite special conditioner. The smell is heavenly and my hair has never felt more silky smooth. Leave this hair mask on for five minutes and rinse for a true transformation.


Rejuveniqe Oil-

This is a must have for so many reasons. My main use for this is as a finisher on my hair. A few drops leaves my hair shiny and smooth. It smells amazing! I also love to do a scalp treatment once a week, massaging the oil on my scalp and leaving on for a few hours. My skin loves the oil as well and I like to treat myself by adding it to my lotion or adding it to my skincare routine once a month for a healthy glow.

Wave Spray-

I surprisingly love the wave spray. I did not expect this to work as well as it did. My hair has very little natural wave to it but this stuff pulled it out. The beachy waves are real and you can check out my Instagram to see the results. Also, it smells like the ocean!


This stuff is so cool! If used consistently, this product will mend split ends allowing your hair to grow longer instead of break off. I have used it a few times and it leaves the hair silky smooth but I will admit I just learned how to use it properly. I have not been using it consistently but I will now!

Blow-out Cream-

I use this every time I blow dry. It protects the hair and helps smooth frizz. I love it because you don’t have to use much and it does not leave the hair heavy.

Heat Protectant-

Every time I use hot tools, this is a must-have. It smells amazing and adds a lot of shine because it’s infused with Rejuveniqe oil.


I was not a fan of the hairspray, at first. I got the Flexi-Hold hairspray and I was not a fan of the smell but it works amazing. Even this hairspray is infused with all the great ingredients I love Monat for and it feels good in the hair, not crunchy or drying. I use it all the time and the smell doesn’t bother me anymore.

Glossy Shine Spray-

This is an amazing finisher and smells like heaven with a light floral peachy scent. It adds incredible shine to any style.

Skin Care

Be Gentle Cleanser and Moisturizer-

A gentle cream cleanser with a luxurious lather and a light moisturizer. This absorbs beautifully and a little goes a long way.

Be Purified Cleanser and Moisturizer-

I tried this duo because of my acne and it just wasn’t right for my skin. This is for oily skin and mine is more sensitive than oily. The cleanser is a clear gel and the moisturizer is also light and luxurious.

Essence Water-

I like this stuff, it smells and feels great but I just don’t have a need for it. My skin seems to do better using only the bare minimum and this one is not necessary for me.

Berry Scrub-

This is a luxurious, creamy face mask that smells like crushed strawberries. I love it for a self-care day and it leaves my face feeling so hydrated.

Vitamin C Serum-

I like this serum but my face is sensitive and less is more, for me. I opted to keep the Rewind in my routine instead of the Vitamin C.

Rewind Anti-aging Serum-

This is a gorgeous nectar with antiaging properties that I love to use at night. My pores are smaller and my skin looks visibly younger.


Smells amazing, this is my favorite smelling product but my sensitive skin is better without it. So many things induce breakouts for me.

Night Haven-

This thick moisturizer smells great and is a luxurious night cream. It left my skin feeling pillowy soft. I love to use this with my face massager.

Face Massager-

This thing is fun and I really think when I was using it, it improved skin tone. But in reality, I never have time to do this.

Sun Veil-

I love this sunscreen. It is so light and beautiful that I use it every day mixed with my foundation in the summer. It is so good by itself! It smells good and rubs in nicely without being greasy at all.

Charcoal Cold Mask-

I love this purifying clay mask once a week. It pulls out impurities leaving my pores tighter and my face feeling supple. I seriously feel so fresh and my skin is soft after ten minutes.


Collagen Key-

Peach Berry is such a delicious flavor!! It is a treat to drink this supplement and it’s secretly helping my skin and hair be more healthy and beautiful. I love it.

Top 5 Monat Favorites

Rejuveniqe Oil

Monat Black

Sunveil SPF

Transformation Hair Mask

(One More!!) Be Gentle Cream Cleanser and Moisturizer

I have had so much fun trying these products and sharing them with you. It’s research, you know! You can continue to follow my hair and skin journey at @jessicalasa on Instagram.

The fabulous thing about Monat is that they make shampoo for every hair type: fine, coarse, straight, curly. I personally have Japanese heritage. My hair has medium coarseness and is straight but Monat has something for everyone. TAKE THE HAIR QUIZ! or TAKE THE SKIN QUIZ! I will help you choose products that are perfect for your skin and hair type and guide you on your own hair and skin journey to a healthier glow.

Leave a comment! Hit me with all your questions or concerns. Or, I would love to hear your personal favorites or suggestions on what to try next.

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2 thoughts on “Honest Monat Review

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the brand, Monat. I also didn’t know there werenso many different kind of hair products people used. I guess that’s the difference between men and women, men still don’t use many products for such things.

    I’m always disappointed with moisturisers, too many are based of flimsy claims. I once asked a highly respected moisturiser company to share any real scientific study about there products, and not just meaningless survey data, and they couldn’t delivery and then blocked me. Is this company any different?

    1. Thank you so much for commenting!! Modern nature is an amazing brand! Their website is so full of information, including the science behind their products and the people on their Scientific Advisery board. I am amazed at the amount of product as well, but that’s because everyone has different hair and skin types that need different things. Monat global.com ❤️❤️❤️

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