Honest Monat Review

April 3rd, 2021 I received my first box of Monat products. I had done a lot of research and I had seen the results on hundreds of women. Honestly, it was a combination of so many things that led me to switch. These products are vegan, cruelty-free and made in the US. It’s clean, ethicalContinue reading “Honest Monat Review”

Summertime Self-Care

I am so excited to join my blogging friends in sharing our ideas for seasonal self-care. In this post, I will talk about some ways to take extra special care of yourself, particularly in the summertime! Check out these other awesome blogs for more ideas! Faerie Lifestyle Examine This Moment Headphones Thoughts Riyah Speaks BlogContinue reading “Summertime Self-Care”

The Wild West

Recently, I’ve been able to read an actual book. It’s a little pathetic how excited I am about it. It’s literally been years since I finished a book. I’ve started reading dozens but for one reason or another I never finish them. This particular book holds my interest so well because it takes place inContinue reading “The Wild West”

A Poem

Speaking with intention by feeling, not by choice. The silent voice. Acting on emotion with thought in all it’s meaning. The invisible being. Hoping for the best while trying not to fear it. The empty spirit. The silent voice you don’t want to hear. The invisible being you can’t recognize. I am the empty spiritContinue reading “A Poem”

Summer Must-Haves From Amazon

Hi, friends!! Summer is in full swing and I hope you’ve been having fun in the sun! I know I have. I’ve gathered my favorite summer items in one convenient place and I hope you’ll find something you like. Just click to shop! Indoor/Outdoor Decor Summer Fashion Summer Fun Household Items Thank You! I appreciateContinue reading “Summer Must-Haves From Amazon”

Mental Health and Me

Mental health problems run in my family and I don’t know the numbers but I’ll bet they run in a lot of families. My father’s side has a few suicides and he was discharged from the army after evaluation in the mental hospital. My mother’s side has confirmed anxiety and bipolar disorder. I first hadContinue reading “Mental Health and Me”

Places Around the World: Flathead Valley, Montana

In collaboration with a beautiful bunch of bloggers, today I’m writing about where I live and why you might want to visit the area. While this area is very culturally and historically interesting and offers all the comforts of the city we are, by far, known for what mother nature gave us. My husband andContinue reading “Places Around the World: Flathead Valley, Montana”


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