Poetry: Transcendental

Transcendental Over seas and rivers foaming waves drenched in sunshine heat. Cutting currents winding through the land, unstoppable. The Pacific, Salmon, Indian, Margaret River and the Truckee. I’ve loved you. Mountains of pine forests, snowcapped summits, the afternoon sunbeams shooting through the trees as we drive. The Columbias, the Rockies, Sierras and the Swan. OvercomeContinue reading “Poetry: Transcendental”

Poetry- First Love

Photo courtesy of Unsplash   The tears how they burn, my head how it aches. The more that I cry, the more my heart breaks. The memories linger, the pain as it deepens. The more that I climb, the more this hill steepens. My mind that is full, my emotions confused. I’ve tried to forgetContinue reading “Poetry- First Love”